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Chameleon Modul GNHWUW2

Základní modul pro stanici Wisi Chameleon. Jeden hardwarový modul obsahuje všechny funkcionality. Pomocí softwarových licencí se tyto funkce odemykají dle potřeby.


Chameleon is designed for all current and future applications and superbly suited, both for the transition from the analogue to the digital environment and for the connection between HFC and IP distribution platforms.


Chameleon modules can be mounted in three different subracks. In high profile professional applications, the enhanced GN50 with redundant power supply and integrated GigE switch is the recommended subrack. 


For standard applications in 19” rack mounting, the GN 40 chassis is recommended. And for one or two Chameleon modules GN01 is a functional wallmount.